The Founder and Managing Trustee Mr. S. Mesia Selvan is desire of establishing an Irrevocable Educational and Public Charitable Trust for the purpose of carrying Medical allied services to the deserved, disadvantaged, pro-poor communities. This Trust will also involve the Charitable objects including Education, Research, Training, Health, Agriculture, Environment Protection, Women Development (especially marginalized rural Women and ethnic minority) and all other objects of general public utility non-involving, carrying any activity for profit within the meaning of section 2 (15) and 12 A and 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961 as amended from time to time for the benefit of the people of republic of India, irrespective of Caste, Creed, Community or Religion.

Our beloved friends and supporters!


I am much happy to contact you through this letter. I am sharing the details of our SALT INDIA ministries.

Thank you for your good efforts and prayers towards our prime task. Convey our greetings to your friends who joined in this net work to reach the unreached.

Thank you for the contributions and prayers for our Nation. May god bless all your activities in future.

Nowadays our Mission towards Tribal people is growing well. I am proud of you that you are getting involved in this prime task. Our field mission and other developments are going well. We will have a vast opening in our Fields.

Kindly uphold us in your regular prayers. Kindly help us with your offerings to do ministry without fail.


Dear friends and supporters, greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We take immense pleasure in sharing with you the ministries, vision, goal and needs of our ministry.

Started with a seven member group in 2014. SALT INDIA had its humble beginning in Kalvarayan hills of Salem District in India. Our Lord blessed the efforts taken by the pioneers. Now the organization is functioning as an recognized body by the Indian Government.

People wandering over the hills

Kalvaryan hills was under the regime of Zakirdars who had the people as their slaves with heavy work, less wages, exploitation abject poverty people were deemed the rights to wear shirts. They had to do everything unquestioningly for the sake of appeasing their hunger. More than Bondage of slavery & poverty, these people were not aware of the existence, love and providence of living God who can shatter their shackles. Added to their sufferings even the little money they earned they had to spend for the sorceress who exploited their ignorance. As medication didn’t reach them they were victims of malaria, cholera, dysentery, diahorrea & other diseases which ruined then. They worshipped spirit and symbols because the gods of those aadivasis. They became idol worshippers.

Their Culture

The tribal were innocent and united, their hospitality and hard work are to be appreciated. But their rules and regulations and lack of basic necessities affected their life miserably. These people generally called malayalees as they live in hills. Hunting, cattle breeding and agriculture are their source of living.

SALT INDIA – Reach the Unreached

The ministries of SALT INDIA in Kalvarayan hills also started enjoying the fruits. God blessed SALT INDIA to win the unknown people groups through our efforts. People developed their life patterns and educational ratio is improving even without essential privileges in remote villages. People developed their own native medicines and our Tamilnadu Government is taking more efforts to help their health and health related problems. But these efforts not enough to the people groups of Kalvarayan Hills.


Education didn’t reach these villages as children had to walk up to 20 kms to go to schools. To enable the children from the hills to be benefited by schools, hostels will be established. We appreciate and thank all who prayed and joined in achieving this goal.

Day care centers are effective source to develop the community. Tailoring units and small industrial training centers will be established to enable the illiterate young ones to become self-employed.

Many of the children educated and trained in schools & institutes are serving the society as politicians, high government officials and committed to the Lord as full timers in some organizations.

Medical service

People in hills strongly believe that all diseases and sickness are caused by evil spirits or satan. So they spend all the money earned for the magic who will cast away those evil spirits & diseases.

Hence SALT INDIA planned to start health centers and hospitals in our mission fields. The people experience the healing power of the Lord along with the medicines in day – to – day life. We believe the humble beginnings of today will be blessed by you in future


Our organization planned and provides a sense of directions and meaning in the lives of people of all basic necessaries. We help them to We participate in the jurisdiction of panchayats as part of the jury in villages. Steps are taken to provide & improve the basic necessities of Adivasis joining hands with the voluntary organizations. We are interested to laying roads, constructing wells & pipes, organizing medical camps, study help to poor, schools, day care centers, tuition centers, eco-friendly projects, tobacco and aids awareness programs, shelters, self-helped societies, and also income generating projects,


We worked together to develop the villages around the hills. But there are many remote villages still unreached. Uphold us your prayers for our plans to serve in Kalvaryan hills, Servarayan hills, Kolli hills, Potha hills, Pacha hills, Similarly from Salem District, Villupuram Dt., Vellore, Namakkal Districts and North India. There are many needs to be met.

1) Need Full time workers with dedication.

2) Prayer supports for our field works.

3) Monetary support to implement all our plans

4) Philanthropists to support in the construction of educational institutions bore wells, day care centers, schools, hostels, hospitals, project office etc.

5) To reach the villages where buses are not available, the full time workers need two wheelers and four wheelers. We also need more equipments like power generator and speaker systems etc.

Ongoing needs

> Children waiting for your Study sponsorship.

> Bore wells to be provided in remote areas.

> Tuition centers will be developed in all our villages.

Need sponsors to fulltime workers.

How can I Contribute?

1. Join & serve as full timers.

2. As voluntary servant or participants

3. Visit and encourage the field work.

4. Write an article to develop and encourage the people

5. Lend your monthly contribution to support the ministries.

You can become a part of our vision by contributing

You can pay one time contribution as your wish

You can pay yearly or monthly contribution as your wish

Rs. 700/- per month to educate a tribal student every month.

Rs. 6,000/- per month to support a field worker

Rs. 2,000/- per month to run a tuition center in a remote area

Rs. 15,000/- per month to run a day care center in our village

Your prayers, interest and involvement, we are sure will encourage and make us more enthusiastic in our Mission..

Contact Address:

S. Mesia Selvan MA., MSc., BCS,
Vasantham Community College,
Thanipadi, Thiruvannamalai District,
Tamilnadu, South India. – 606 708
Mobile: +91 94880 56053, 89034 56053


Account Details :

  • Account Holder: Save All Life Trust India
  • Account Number: 6383634255
  • Bank Name : Indian Bank
  • Branch : Bibikulam
  • IFSC Code: IDIB000B066